Azuma Japanese Restaurant


Simon Carroll

Shumei Kobayashi

‘Tsutsugaki Yuzen’ is a classical hand dyeing technique, which evolved approximately 400-years ago in Japan. The finished pieces are used as wall hangings, wrapping cloths and wearable piece. Artist Shumei Kobayashi is among one of the few ‘Tsutsugaki Yuzen practitioners left in Japan and works continuously to sustaining this diminishing craft.

Shumei Kobayashi has received numerous awards and prizes and has exhibited widely in both Japan and internationally. In Sydney, he has held numerous exhibitions and workshop in COFA-UNSW and Japan Foundation. A wide range of his artworks adorns the walls of Azuma’s main dining and private rooms.

Design Studio Shumei
2-214 Yagi Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Japan 921-8066
Ph & Fax +81-762-40-4751