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Mitsuo Shoji

"There's a Japanese way of thinking that looks on a piece of ceramic without food as unfinished. But put some food on it and the piece has a life, a reason to be." This is the philosophy of Mitsuo Shoji. His pieces reflect the Japanese regard for the appearance of the dish being equal to the taste.A long time favourite, Azuma restaurant utilizes his creations daily, giving added grace to Azuma's superb dishes.

Shoji ceramics are not limited to functional design ware; his ceramics are broad including hand built sculptural objects that are finely incised with colour slip, and developmental pieces. He also experiments with paintings, which utilize the elements of ceramics, such as fire and sometimes clay slip, gold and silver leaf. These unique two-dimensional works:  "Ceramic Paintings", as he calls them, are based firmly within his own life and experiences.

Mitsuo Shoji has been based in Australia since 1973, having teaching posts first in Melbourne, then Sydney, where he was Senior Lecturer at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney for twenty nine years.  Mitsuo retired in 2007 and now works fulltime in his own studio. He has become Honorary Senior Lecturer with SCA.

Mitsuo is an internationally renowned ceramist. He has been a member of the International Academy of Ceramics since 1980. He has shown his work in numerous exhibitions, in Australasia, Japan, Europe and North America. His work is held in public collections in Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.  Mitsuo was recently awarded a VAB grant from the Australia Council.

Mitsuo Shoji Ceramics
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