Azuma Japanese Restaurant


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Azuma has been honoured with numerous industry awards. Awarded a prestigious Chefs Hat in 2010 by The Sydney Morning Herald, for the third year running. Azuma has a raft of accolades including awards from Gourmet Traveller's Restaurant Guide, Australia's Wine List of the Year, The Daily Telegraph and The Sydney Morning Herald. Azuma proudly holds the reputation of being one of Australia's finest and most recognised Japanese Restaurants.

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"… a serene haven for those seeking solace in the beauty of Japanese food…. The delicate sashimi and light-as-air tempura are legendary…”
The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2011

"… lip-smackingly tender special of tempura baby octopus reinforces Azuma-san’s reputation as the tempura king. Sushi and sashimi come in many forms, traditional nigiri is glisteningly fresh while Azuma’s ‘unique nigiri’ menu offers memorable treats…”
The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2010


"Treat your tastebuds to his grilled silver cod marinated in Saiko miso,
or the deliciously tender wagyu beef steak [in garlic soy sauce].
Enhance the flavours of the dish with a premium sake …."
Vogue, Entertaining + Travel 2008

"…five star service is giving every diner the dining experience that they
want regardless of what that is. Azuma has this down pat…"
Alternative Media Group 2008 (The Hub & City News)

"Japanese is probably my favourite food – I eat it three or four times a week.
I love sushi, and Azuma does it really well. It’s close to glass, so I often [go there] before service"
Luke Mangan, Restaurateur, Glass Brasserie

"We went for lunch at Azuma and they served us toro – the very fatty
part of the bluefin tuna – sashimi and sushi. So sweet and excellent,
fatty but beautiful."
Tetsuya Wakuda, Restaurateur, Tetsuya’s