Kimitaka Azuma grew up in a large family who is running timber industry business. Total around 25 people including his grand parents, uncle, aunt and some of the employees were living together and he spent his childhood in this large family.

His grand mother prepared breakfast, snacks for break time and dinner for this large family.

Kimitaka loved this environment surrounded by nature.

At sixteen, Kimitaka has decided to be a professional Japanese cuisine chef and started training and working as an apprentice chef at Kirishima International hotel and Miyazaki Aoshima resort hotel where popular destinations for international tourist and honeymoon visitor.

After that, he worked and gain experienced in Tokyo for 2 years and in Bangkok for 1 year. When he returned to Japan, he worked at Heiankaku – weddings and function venues then he became an Executive chef at the age of 29. He served for 2000-3000 guests a day at that time.

After he left Heiankaku, he brought his team to Australia in 1990. He was attracted by Sydney’s fresh produce and growing Japanese restaurant culture and these attributes made Australia as his new home.

In 1996, he opened first restaurant then he moved his restaurant to Chifley in 2002.

Kimitaka Azuma