This ‘AZUMA New Year Box’ is the perfect gift for your family and friends. This box will include pre-cooked dishes and carefully selected ingredients (all separately vacuum sealed) with AZUMA original sauces. Easy to prepare, enjoy AZUMA’s festive taste at home.

Limited to 30 boxes

Pick-up date & time:
Wednesday 30 December between 12pm and 5pm


Pre-cooked dishes & ingredients
1. Simmered tender Tasmanian fresh abalone 2 pieces
2. Simmered tender WA octopus 150g
3. Simmered pacific saury with sansho pepper
4. Soy marinated Alaskan salmon roe 90g (frozen)
5. Hokkaido scallop sashimi 6 pieces
6. Queensland spanner crab 115g (frozen)*
7. NSW Rangers valley wagyu sirloin steak 300g x 2 slices (raw)*
8. Simmered duck breast*

AZUMA original sauce
9. Sumiso dressing 250ml
10. Ponzu dressing 250ml
11. Chilli teriyaki sauce (mild) 250ml
12. Steak sauce 250ml


* some simple preparation required.

Ingredients are best used before 03/01/2021


To order

Tel: 02 9222 9960



Payment & Cancellation policy

The total amount will be charged on your nominated credit card on Tuesday 29 December and Azuma will provide a receipt with your Box on Wednesday 30 December.

Please note that any cancellations after orders have been placed are not accepted. The total order amount will be charged on your nominated credit card as a cancellation fee.

Pick up

Wednesday 30 December between 12pm and 5pm.

Pick-up address: Azuma Japanese Restaurant, Level1, Chifley, 2 Chifley square Sydney NSW 2000.