Dear Valued Customer,

From all of the staff at AZUMA Japanese Restautaurant, we wish you and your family a very happy, joyous and safe Christmas Season.

<Restaurant Trading Hours>

December 2020

Thursday 24th               LUNCH CLOSED I 6pm – 9pm

Friday 25th                                             CLOSED

Saturday 26th                                         CLOSED

Sunday 27th                                           CLOSED

Monday 28th                                          CLOSED

Tuesday 29th              LUNCH CLOSED I 6pm – 9pm

Wednesday 30th         LUNCH CLOSED I 6pm – 9pm

Thursday 31st                                        CLOSED

January 2021

Friday 1st                                              CLOSED

Saturday 2nd                                         CLOSED

Sunday 3rd                                            CLOSED

Monday 4th                 CLOSED I 6pm – 9pm
Tuesday 5th                 CLOSED I 6pm – 9pm
Wednesday 6th                 CLOSED I 6pm – 9pm
Thursday 7th                 CLOSED I 6pm – 9pm
Friday 8th                 CLOSED I 5:30pm – 9:30pm